SciFi4Me.com began March 23, 2009, and we’ve been quietly chugging away ever since. Quietly, we say, because admittedly we haven’t gotten much traffic. But we still crank out reviews, interviews, and links to other relevant science fiction sites, so someday someone may thank us for it.

With the migration over to WordPress and the resulting re-birth pangs, we’ve managed to get more people looking at the new site than at any time before. Every month has more traffic, and we’re doing our best to maintain the momentum and keep bringing you more coverage of the latest happenings in the science fiction community.

More Contributors, More Coverage, More Content

We have contributors in Kansas City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Krakau. And we’re looking for more. New York, Austin, Chicago, New Zealand, Toronto… anywhere things are happening, we’d like to be there.

More contributors = more coverage. With correspondents now in other parts of the world, we’re making every effort to be on the scene with the latest news from the industry.

More contributors = more content. News, reviews, and interviews. And we’re looking to expand with even more material in the coming months.

So stay strapped in. And enjoy the ride!



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